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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tiub Kamu Dot Kom / YouTube Dot Com

My Top Fav Channel.. Yay~ =D

MysteryGuitarMan@MGM <-- Click To Go To The Channel
i love all of his videos for the creativity..

RealAnnoyingOrange <-- Click To Go To The Channel
i love all of his videos for the laugh..

Machinima <-- Click To Go To The Channel
i love all of the videos for the games trailer and etc..

RĂ©miGaillard <-- Click To Go To The Channel
i love all of his videos for the bravery, talents and humour..

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Photoshop Animation Gif


i made an animation .gif in photoshop..
ambik mase sejam gak nak buat benda jadah nie.. =D

Monday, July 12, 2010

SPAIN is the new CHAMPION in the WORLD CUP 2010!!


Spain vs Netherlands

In a game when a record number of 13 yellow cards were given out and the games went through for extra time.. John Heitinga was sent off after received second yellow card at 109th minute..
Spain finally takes the title of the new World Cup Champion with the single goal from Andres Iniesta!
both team shows a great performance where it seems they are lack of luck..
Arjen Robben missed 2 chances to score a goal where both chance saved by Iker Casillas and same chance wasted where Maarten Stekelenburg blocked the shot from Fabregas..

Arjen Robben frustrated after the referee blow the final whistle of the World Cup South Africa 2010.

For the last 2 World Cup in 2006 and 2002.. Both finale match ended with penalties.. I really hope that World Cup this year will not ends with penalties.. And the hope finally came true when Andres Iniesta sinks Dutch with late strike..the ESPANA takes the title of the new World Cup Champ for the first time..

Man of the match.. Andres Iniesta!

Thank you to Spain for showing the best performance tonight..
Teamwork is the main thing that leads you guys to the World Cup Trophy..
We'll meet again in July 2014 for the World Cup in Brazil!! Bye for now..

Thank You..
Xie Xie..
Terima Kasih..

--for more information of the match..

click here>>

Thursday, July 8, 2010

SPAIN moves to the FINAL of World Cup 2010!!

Spain will be meeting Netherlands in the final of World Cup 2010..
Please defeat Netherlands to avenge Brasil.. xD

i was watching the match at home alone..
well yeah.. it's kinda boring to watch football match alone..
but it's just too exciting watching the match..

1st thing here why im so excited is because many of my friends is a fans of Germany and they get really cocky of their Germany for scoring 4 goals in 3 match.. i mean.. REALLY cocky..
So.. they predicted that Spain will get the same fate as the other teams..
i know.. that would never happens..

about the match.. from what i watch..
Spain totally controlling possession in the 1st half where Germany play carefully in defensive..
and what funny is.. there's a pitch intruder earlier in the 1st half..

on the 2nd half..
Jerome Boateng switched with Marcell Jansen early at 52 minutes and another subs switching in Tony Kroos for Piotr Trochowski at 62 minutes..
and just 11 minutes after the 2nd substitution..
Carles Puyol gets a header from a corner kick that passed thru Manuel Neuer..
it is a terrific opening goal for the ESPANA!

there's nothing more i can tell about the match here.. im not a professional commentator you know..

as you all can see.. the man of the match for sure is.. Carles Puyol!

P/S :
sorry for the unsatisfying post..
kinda lazy to type anything but i still put in a new entry here.. =D
so sleepy right now.. it's 5 in the morning.. (GMT+8)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

World Cup 2010 is so unpredictable!!

my HEART!!
my Brasil lose to Netherland!!
how the hell?!! this can't be happening!!

earlier on the 1st half i was getting very excited as Robinho scores the opening goal for the match early at 10th minutes..
and the 1st half do satisfying to the fans.. yeah!

as the 2nd half goes on.. something terrible happened to the team for Felipe Melo scoring an own goal on minutes 53 where Sneijder crosses in from deep.. Cesar comes and gets nowhere near it, the ball glances the head of Felipe Melo and lands in the bottom corner..
chance of winning decreased as this happens..
but still, i was cheering for them as they still got hopes to win the game..

the time goes on until on minutes 68, Wesley Sneijder scores a goal from a header..
for now i still got the spirit to cheer for them..
still hoping they'll win the match..

my hope is crushed for good when Felipe Melo was sent off when Referee Yuichi Nishimura of Japan fly a RED CARD on minutes 73..
what happen on the rest of the match?
the Netherland attacked with comfort as Brasil only play with 10 players..
Netherland moves to the semi-final..

Brasil will always be in my heart..

P/S : anyway.. what had past will remain the past.. for now!!
Go ESPANA!! Go!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Top Sala!!

okay.. skang aku da xde kasot nak main futsal..
so.. harini 1hb.. kepada yg dapat gaji tu kan.. mintak2 la blanja aku kasot futsal..
aku bukannya demand sangat pon..

dapat TOP SALA kuning ni pon okay ape..

kalo x dapat kuning tu pon.. dapat biru nie pon jadi la..

hahahahahaha! *bebal bile xde duet*
nak ngepow parent.. rase malas lak..
tanak membebankan plak sebab da nak masok study ujung bulan julai..
lagi banyak pakai duet..
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